About me

I am from Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Actually, I am 123 studying Economic Development Policy and Management. My field is Poverty and Social Impact Analysis and the aim of research is  to support poverty reduction in development countries in analyzing intended and unintended consequences of policy interventions on the growth and the well-being or welfare of different groups, with a special focus on the vulnerable and poor. I also interested in multidimensional statistics, applied econometrics, Computable General Equilibrium Models, Incidence Analysis and programming in statistical and econometrics software such as SPSS (Former SPSS), STATA, EVIEWS and GAMS.

I am holding a BCom (Hons) in Mathematical Economics from the University of Kinshasa where I started my research career as a junior lecturer in Statistics, Principles of econometrics, General equilibrium models and Computer assisted data analysis.

While being a junior lecturer in the University of Kinshasa, I worked also for the Bureau d’Etudes Marketing, a market research agency, where I rose from the position of Head of Data Processing and Data analysis to the position of Research Manager. There, I accumulated a wealth of experience across a diversified range of researches (consumer research, media research, health research, social and economic research) and employed a range of research techniques from both qualitative and quantitative disciplines. During my three years at the Bureau d’Etudes Marketing, I played a key role in survey design, data collection, data analysis and the reporting of findings.

In October 2008, I joined Oasis sprl, a Millicom group company and 3rd mobile telephony company in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the position of Research, Intelligence and Innovation Manager where I received further training in Marketing and Business Intelligence.

During my career, I have worked on research analysis tools like SPSS, EVIEWS, STATA, DAD (A software for Distributive Analysis), XLSTAT, STATISTICA, STATVIEW, SPHINX, CSPRO and participated also on various types of research projects.

I like playing basketball, soccer and practicing  judo.  My preferred Tv shows are Experts, wwe wrestling, desperate housewives, southpark.

Read my curriculum vitae here. (otchia_french – English)

You can discuss many things with me here.

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